Travel-blogging: Our 100-followers milestone


This a post with which we are celebrating reaching a milestone in our travel-blogging. We now have more than 100 followers. We would like to thank you all for visiting 2 World Trippers, and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.

At the beginning I didn’t know how this blogging thing would turn out. But I have to admit that it’s great. It is a combination of two things I love – traveling and internet. Researching the places we have already been to, their history, uniqueness and all the legends behind them, is fascinating to me.

Another cool thing about travel-blogging is the feedback we get from everybody. Seeing that people from all around the world are reading the stuff we write and looking at our photos, and that they actually like it, is amazing. It’s a great feeling to share some of the best moments from our relationship with others and inspire them to explore the planet.

At the moment people from 41 different countries have visited our blog

At the moment people from 41 different countries have visited our blog

But probably the best thing about travel-blogging is looking at other blogs and finding out about places we have never been to. There are so much insanely beautiful places all around the world that we never even heard of. While going through other blogs I find a couple of new spots on the map each day that really make my day at the office.

For the people who like numbers, like myself, and other blogging beginners here are some of the stats from the beginning of our blog:

  • blog life: 38 days
  • number of posts: 17
  • number of views: 802
  • number of followers: 103

For the future we plan on including one post per month about Belgrade, our home city, and some interesting stories about Serbia, since I think that they don’t get as much credit as they could in the blogging world.

At the end I would like to thank you all again for the great feedback you’ve been giving us and we hope to provide some funny insights from both, the most famous places around the world and those that are less known.

How long did it take for your blog to reach 100 followers? If you have any suggestions on how to improve our blog please write them in the comments section. Advice of any kind is more than welcome! Also if you have any questions about travel-blogging we would love to help you!


4 thoughts on “Travel-blogging: Our 100-followers milestone

  1. Congratulations! Your blog is great! 🙂
    We are looking forward to read more about Serbia! For Western Europeans it’s not so easy to travel to the Eastern countries, but there’s a great curiosity about them!

    • I’m glad you like our blog! That really means a lot to us 🙂
      I hope you will like our future posts about Serbia and hopefully visit it some day. It has a lot to offer 🙂

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