Who are we?

Bologna, Italy 2012

Hi everybody!

We are Ana and Filip, a young couple from Belgrade (Serbia) who share a great passion – traveling! During our five years together we have visited more than 30 cities in 13 countries. We wanted to share our stories, adventures and beautiful times with you because we think that with a little inspiration everybody can have a wonderful trip!

Our goal is to start a journey around the world together and experience the planet!

Even though we are pretty compatible most of the time, we have our misunderstandings that we use to create best memories. The things that get us out of our comfort zones stay with us as the greatest times of our life.

Split, Croatia 2010


According to my formal education I am supposed to be a civil engineer, but that is just a part of me. I love experimenting with food, and I am an amateur cook, so there will be some post about exotic and different tastes from around the globe. I am also a marathon runner and I hope to have an opportunity to run in different cities. Architecture is also one of my passions. That is not so strange, since I am an engineer. I enjoy really weird buildings that exist in every corner of the world. My biggest wish is to travel the world, experience different cultures, run everywhere and be a guinea pig for the food from the whole planet.


San Marino, 2012

My name is Ana and I am supposed to be pretty one in our relationship. I finished law and at the moment I am working in a big firm. But that’s only my day job. I spend my free time planning trips and enjoying long walks with my boyfriend and our two beautiful  dogs. For me the greatest day is the one in which I do, try or see something new. I also like trying new types of food and drinks. My biggest wish is to spend my days traveling and make my home wherever I make roam. As a big admirer of the nature, visiting places untouched by human hands is one of my top priorities.


Feel free to contact us at: 2worldtrippers@gmail.com


15 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog today. Look forward to your future posts and the places you visit. May your feet take you to all the lands where it is meant to be.

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