Photo of the Week 8 – Ceremonial change of the guards

PotW 008 - Prague

We were lucky to catch the ceremonial change of the guards at the Prague Castle. The ceremony is pretty interesting to watch since the whole military orchestra is involved. This picture was taken while the guards with their banners were going back from the castle gates to the barracks.  The change happens every hour, but the ‘long’ ceremony is at noon. If you find yourself in the castle district before noon be sure to witness this Czech tradition.


Location: Prague, Czech Republic




Picture of the Week 7 – River surfers

PotW 007 - river surfing munich germany

How cool is this? In the middle of the city of Munich, on a man-made river Eisbach people gather each day to do some river surfing. This was the first time I saw something like this and I have to admit that it definitely beats the usual boring morning jog through the park. The surfing spot is located in the Englischer Garten, one of the largest urban parks in the world. Although it’s dangerous, river surfing looks like a lot of fun and I would try it for sure, wouldn’t you?


Location: Munich, Germany

Picture of the Week 6 – Casa Batlló

PotW 006

The unique ceramic chimneys of the Casa Batlló. Behind them are the playful lines of the roof of the building that look like the back of a dragon or a dinosaur. Casa Batlló is one of the masterpieces of the insane, but at the same time genius, architect from Catalonia – Antoni Gaudi. It was designed and built in 1904 for the middle-class family Batlló.


Location: Barcelona, Spain

Photo of the Week 5 – Split

PotW 005

A view over the 1,700 years old town of Split in Croatia. Centered around the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Diocletian Palace from the 3rd century, this is a very touristy city on the Adriatic Sea. This picture was taken from the Marjan hill near the town center.


Location: Split, Croatia

Photo of the Week 4 – Palacio de Cristal

Palacio de Cristal, Madrid

Wandering through Parque de Retiro in Madrid we ran into Palacio de Cristal. Made of steel and glass, this beautiful structure is located on a lake in the heart of the park. The magical trees surrounding it make the scenery like it came out of a fairy tale.


Location: Madrid, Spain

Photo of the Week 3 – Peleș Castle

PotW 003a

Romanian Peleș Castle emerging from the surrounding forest. The road to the castle gives an amazing preview of the beautiful scenery and architecture of the place.


Location: Sinaia, Romania

Photo of the week 2 – Venice

2009-12-20 Venezia 007

Whenever I go to Venice it amazes me. This happens again and again. But when we came here in December it was exceptionally beautiful. The snow gave it a new dimension that you can’t see on any postcard.


Location: Venice, Italy